Saturday, April 18, 2009

More Copic Fun!

Here they all are! Of course, now that the latest shipment has arrived, I notice that I don't have any oranges or yellows. Not one. I also need (yes, need) a whole whack more of greys (warm and cool), black, and some dark purples as well. I've printed out the chart ( and it looks awfully empty, so I suppose that next month I'll have to order again. These markers are not cheap, and shipping and customs don't help, but I'm really enjoying them, so it's my guilty pleasure for now.

Just to prove that I'm actually using them, here's Willow in her new spring dress and sunbonnet. As always, if you click on the picture, you'll get a larger image on your screen.I don't normally go for cutesy-wootsy, but Willow is just beautiful. I've already started colouring another one, this time in lavender shades.And if you feel so inclined, leave a message! I'd really like some tips on how to achieve a realistic straw effect (for the sunbonnet)!


schoener said...

She's beautiful and you did a great job. I still have trouble shading faces, but she looks great.

Julia said...

Gorgeous job! I can't believe how awesome you can color and you just got your markers! You are so creative and talented - I'm jealous!

Those stamps are soooo cute! Did you get other ones too? I can't wait to see all your new stuff!