Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Another Hedgie!

This Hedgie is going to make its way onto a wedding card. I stamped the image 8 times to try different colour combinations and blends, saving one for the final attempt. Here's proof...

I started out wanting a pink balloon, wandered over to red, and finally settled on blue. When I found a combination of blues I liked for shading, I noted the colour codes so I could re-create the successful attempt in the final product. I did this for my Hedgies' skin and prickles, the hearts, and the rose as well.

Using my Nestabilities, I die-cut and then embossed the image.

That was as far as I got; I've still got 77 invitations (out of 127) to complete and it's getting late. When I've finished the entire card, I'll post it here!

If you are interested, here are all the Copics I used. (If you click on the image, it will zoom in, making it easier to read the caps.)


Crystal said...

OMG That is so cute!!

Anonymous said...

77 to go? Get CRACKING! Jk, I'm ever so glad you are doing this. If you weren't I'd probably go the lazy route and mass-email everyone. (heather)