Friday, August 28, 2009

Tutorial: 3D Flowers

These 3D flowers are so simple to assemble, yet absolutely gorgeous! Here's a step-by-step tutorial for you.

First, you need to assemble your scissors (some might like to 'neaten up' the image; I didn't find it necessary), awl, dimensional tape, and, of course, the images you'll be working with. If you have a lot more patience and artistry than me, you can purchase any image you like in multiples and cut out the pieces you want, but this product makes the process a lot less painful!
Gently remove the die-cut images from the surrounding waste paper. I like to take all of them out, but I'm careful to keep them in order. This is important!
Some of the pieces have inner sections that need to be removed. I find this is easiest with an awl. You could use a toothpick as well.
Here they are, all set out!
Place sections of dimensional tape (I get mine from the dollar store) on the back of the second image.
Carefully adhere to the first layer. I find it helps to lean over my work so that I get a good bird's-eye-view. Apply tape to other layers and continue adding layers to base. This particular one has up to 3 layers. You can click on the photos to view a close-up!
And there it is, the finished product! Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!


Deb said...

This is just stunning! The layering is incredible.

Busym1 said...

How very pretty! Michelle

Heather and Jeff said...

Hi Dawn,
I suppose I could just email you but I am too lazy. A friend of mine wishes to get invitations from you for his wedding. Which contact information shall I give him to pass on to his fiancee? Call me or something.

Ashley said...

Very cool, Dawn!